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3P LIVE! 2022:

June 10th | 11th | 12th

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Your Consultancy Needs 5 and 6-Figure Contracts to Thrive. PERIOD.


The back-to-back multi-figure contracts, high-level business relationships with executives, and the joy of owning a super successful, legacy-building business are closer than you think.  

Companies are looking for you to leverage your years of expertise, and they're willing to pay you handsomely for your talent, knowledge, and skills.

The question you should ask yourself is, are you properly positioned to pitch to companies and grow a profitable consultancy with can't-miss service offerings?

At 3P LIVE!, we teach high-achieving women like you to learn what it takes to pitch to your right-fit client and LAND THE DEAL.


But, HOW Do I Even Begin the Process of Working With Larger Clients? 


Glad you asked! Landing larger contracts starts with postioning, which means your pitch, discovery call, proposal and offer must be irresistible!

Without these three elements in place, you'll miss more opportunities than you receive.

At 3P LIVE! We teach you the exact steps to nail each segment of the corporate client process (you won't find this actionable information at other consulting events).

3P LIVE! is THE MOST VALUABLE, immersive, virtual 3-Day experience designed to properly position you for profitable consulting contracts.

 Here's What You'll Learn 

Day 1: Clarify Your Value 

  • Master Your Message

So you can say exactly what needs to be said at the right time to turn corporate buyers into long-term partners.

  • Verify Your Vision 

And create the life you desire to live by designing your business blueprint.

  • Build Your Magnetic Offer

By understanding the step-by-step pathway to an unforgettable client experience that keeps companies coming back (there's are few things sweeter repeat client!).

Day 2: Land Your Pitch 

  • Ridiculous Revenue Revolution

Understand why women like you are being left behind on the corporate revenue train (and the #1 secret to out-earn your current revenue model)

  • Pitch the Perfect Proposal 

Learn the strategy behind crafting proposals that get you a nearly instant "yes" from decision-makers (and what corporate buyers don't always tell you. Overlooking this one key strategy can make or break your offer).

  •  Business Negotiations

Master the art of the deal with carefully crafted negotiation strategies so you can leave the table feeling like everyone won!  

Day 3: Claim Your Capital 

  • Create Your Pitch Plan 

Solidify your pathway to coporate contracts by creating a detailed plan of action.

  • Design Your Ideal Week

Create the non-negotiables for your life--perhaps one filled with midday naps and spur-of-the-moment travel plans coupled with work that fuels you and your ideal clients.

  • Craft Your 5-Figure  Blueprint

By the end of Day 3, you'll know the exact steps to land your next contract. 

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Save my seat. Secure more contracts.

Your Exclusive BONUS! 

Get Clients F.A.S.T. Class

Learn the secret code to land quality clients quickly with the F.A.S.T. Method. This pre-recorded training is worth more than the cost of admission. Alone, this class will sell for $797. You get it first and FREE with your ticket purchase.

This May Not Be For You If…

  • You have less than 5 years of experience in your current career
  • You don’t want to learn how to land client contracts and increase your business income
  • You have no idea what knowledge you want to monetize
  • You’re not willing to exercise discipline to drive your results
  • You’re excuse-driven and only find obstacles to success, not solutions
  • You have no desire to launch your business and land clients within the next year


This IS For You If...

  • You are a results-driven expert who wants to build your consulting company
  • You want to learn how to land multi-figure corporate contracts
  • You care about creating a financial legacy for you and your family
  • You are driven by discipline and implementation
  • You want to learn how to secure corporate contracts and build a sustainable business instead of securing one-off clients
  • You want to earn more, work less, and enjoy life

FAQs Before Signing Up for 3P LIVE!

Meet Tiffany, Education and Business Consultant for Powerful, High-Achieving Women

I’m a master facilitator and teacher who loves midday naps, and I’m committed to helping you elevate your impact, expand your income, and get booked with your expertise. Helping you build your consultancy in a sustainable way is my specialty. 

Since mastering how to create revenue on repeat through securing corporate contracts, I’ve been helping other women to do the same.

From coaching people as a successful school principal to consulting my dream clients, I know quite a bit about helping others get what they want.

Last year alone, I landed over $200K in consulting contracts. 

Now, it’s your turn!

Your Life After Attending 3P LIVE! 


1. You’ve fully stepped into your calling, and you’re fearlessly landing corporate pitches like a pro.


2. Those negotiation skills you’ve acquired, the network of business executives, and the proposal development all have upgraded you into the CEO that actually feels in charge. 


3. Your time is spent responding to successful pitches, signing larger contracts, and servicing professionals with the expertise you spent years obtaining. 


4. You have more free time than before because you only work with your right-fit clients. 


5. You’re highly organized and positioned for profit, all because you made the decision to attend 3P LIVE!  


This reality and revenue come from strategy, dedication, and vision- and I’m handing you the keys to unlock it all. 

There’s only one thing left to do…

Save my seat!